GOOD NEWS for all allergy sufferers! Its almost November and that means your allergies should be at bay until next year! November is said to be one of the best months for sufferers! However, if dog hair / dander and molds are your trigger than you might not be at ease. With the temperature dropping outside, you will be spending more time inside, trapped with the floating particles that cause flare ups. 

When dealing with indoor allergens, there are few steps you can take to make living indoors a little more bearable. EnviroAire FILTER is a 1″ Polarized-Media Electronic Air Cleaner utilizes a combination of low static pressure and a polarized media pad to attract and capture potentially toxic sub-micron contaminants and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), preventing them from entering your home’s air flow through the HVAC system.

EnviroAire’s Polarized-Media Air Cleaner is easily installed in your existing HVAC filter tracks. Unlike many other air filtration products, EnviroAire Filters don’t require any ductwork modifications, making installation simple, cost effective, and convenient.

Theses filters are the ultimate germ filtering system. With the particles being trapped on a disposable pad they are easily removed when its time to change your filter. 

The are many great benefits to using and EnviroAire Filter such as: 

  • 97% capture rate at .3 microns
  • Removes the food source of mold
  • Removes breathable particulates
  • Traps some odor and gases
  • Brush Seal technology prevents particle blow-by
  • Heavy duty construction for reliability

Even with allergies outside being dialed back, make sure your home is too. Breathe cleaner, safer air with a new EnviroAire Filter!