It happens all the time: One family member gets the flu, and before you know it, the entire family has too. As we enter peak flu season (February), it is important to understand how you can protect your family from getting struck down with an illness.

A little cleanliness can go a long way in protecting your family from getting sick. Follow these 5 simple tips to prevent sickness from taking over your home:

  1. Wash Your Hands Often

Although it may seem common sense, washing your hands is the most simple and effective way to prevent germs from spreading around your home. The key is to scrub your hands for a solid 20 seconds with antibacterial soap.

2. Clean and Sanitize Remotes and Electronics

Remotes and other electronics are commonly overlooked when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. Be sure to give each remote and electronic device, such as controllers, a good scrub down with an antibacterial wipe.

3. Spray Down Doorknobs and Handles with Disinfectant

Door knobs and handles are a common hotspot for germs to hide out. Wipe each door knob down with hot soapy water, dry them off, and then thoroughly spray with disinfectant spray.

4. Refresh Sponges and Hand Towels

Can’t remember the last time you changed out your sponge or hand towel? That means that it is time for a new one! Sponges carry a lot of germs, especially if you don’t sanitize it often. If you’re not ready to replace, you can clean your old sponge by popping it into the dishwasher or microwaving it (wet) for 1 minute. If you decide to retire your sponge, it can be used for dirty jobs such as cleaning toilets or scrubbing the trash can.

5. Disinfect your Countertops and Floors

Cleaning up messes from cooking and eating is one thing, but it is important to disinfect these commonly used spaces often. Disinfecting will kill germs and stop them from spreading about your home.

If someone in your house is sick, take special care when cleaning these germ hot spots. It is impossible to live entirely germfree, but with a little effort, you can attempt to prevent sickness from spreading in your home!

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